Watch: Reckless drivers caught barreling across high school lawn in Milwaukee

Watch: Reckless drivers caught barreling across high school lawn in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Concerned parents are speaking out Thursday, Aug. 19, after a reckless driving incident was caught on camera on school grounds.

MPS workers put poles and giant rocks in front of Marshall High School Thursday morning after a car was seen driving recklessly on the school's lawn Tuesday afternoon. They even have buses blocking the street and they're asking police for help.

It was scary for Kizzy Powell because one of the kids trying to get out of the way was her 15-year-old son.

"That was my baby moving out the way when that car was on the yard," she said.

Milwaukee police confirm a few students were almost hit. The blue car seen in the video was found later. 

It was a stolen car that had not been reported yet.

"Parents, students, kids, everybody should just be more responsible and put the word out there to be safe behind the wheel," said parent LaQuinta DeShazor. 

Despite the school's preventative measures, our camera was rolling when another car drove on the lawn before school let out.

"They don't care, a lot of it is happening because they are younger kids and they're probably doing it for clout," said DeShazor.

"We have been reaching out to the Milwaukee Police Department requesting presence for entry and dismissal," said MPS Regional Superintendent Jennifer Smith. "They have been able to respond to our request."

Parents say they appreciate the school making changes.

"I'm happy that the school is doing something to be proactive," said DeShazor.

"If I'm not here on time he can stand in this yard, you know, there's a barrier," said Powell.

Milwaukee police say none of the cars belonged to teachers and none of the drivers have been identified as students at the school.

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