FoodShare Program changes take affect April 1st

If you are on the FoodShare program and are between 18-49 years old and don't have any children you will be required to work 80 hours a month to receive food stamps.

\"They are entitled to 90 days of free food shares and not being able to work,\" said Sherrie Tussler.

The 90 days start when you go in for your review or renewal, but after those 90 days your benefits will be cut for three years if you don't work.

\"That's a long time to go hungry,\"said Tussler.

Many we spoke with at Hunger Task Force disagree with the new policy requiring people to work.

Others argue this is a way to get people back into the workforce.

Tussler believes it just means more people will be forced to rely on food pantries.

\"The demand will increase at such a level that we won't be able to keep up with it,\" said Tussler.

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