UPDATE: Water restrictions lifted in Village of Newburg

CBS 58 Photojournalist Andrew Rutherford

VILLAGE OF NEWBURG, WI (CBS 58) --  The emergency sanitary water restrictions in the Village of Newburg have been lifted.   Village officials say that residents can resume normal water usage.   On Saturday, residents were asked to restrict some water use activities because the flooding Milwaukee River inundated a sanitary lift station that serviced most of the Village of 1,200 people.

VILLAGE OF NEWBURG, WI (CBS 58) -- The Village of Newburg has declared a level 2 disaster emergency due to flooding of the Milwaukee River.   All residents of  Newburg, pop. 1,254,  are asked to refrain from flushing toilets, doing laundry or creating any waste water until further notice.   The Milwaukee River is flooding in the area of Fireman’s Park and has inundated a sanitary lift station that handles about 90 percent of the Village, which prompted the emergency declaration.   Newburg Village Administrator Rick Goeckner calls the flooding some of the worst the Village has ever experienced.   The Milwaukee River flows through the middle of Newburg, which is located along HWY 33 at the  Washington/Ozaukee County line.

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