First look at Waukesha County's new Emergency Operations Center

NOW: First look at Waukesha County’s new Emergency Operations Center

In Waukesha County, local leaders are taking a new approach to emergency preparedness. Employees are wrapping up new disaster response training to go along with a new emergency communications center. 

A new construction site will soon be the home of Waukesha County's new Emergency Operations Center.

It will add about 7500 square feet to the county's current communications center. CBS 58 got an exclusive first look at the ongoing construction, which began this spring.

The new building will be used for disaster response or to prepare for big weather events. County employees are also working with FEMA on emergency response training now they will have state of the art facilities to go with it.

“The new EOC is quite extensive and beautiful; it's much larger, the tech base will be much better and it will really help us to grow into the technology that’s coming into this business," said Christine Bannister.

There first phase of the project is expected to be completed next year

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