Fire and Police Commission upholds officer's termination after third OWI

NOW: Fire and Police Commission upholds officer’s termination after third OWI

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A former Milwaukee police officer is fighting to get his job back. 

The 17-year veteran of MPD was terminated after being arrested for his third OWI. On Monday, he appealed the decision to the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission. 

Back in November, Brian Petersen was accused of driving drunk, hitting a vehicle, and then sideswiping at least one other parked car. He had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit and it was his third OWI offense. 

Petersen was previously given a 30-day suspension from the Milwaukee Police Department for his second OWI and was ultimately terminated after his third. On Monday, the Fire and Police Commission Board decided to uphold the decision of his termination. One of Petersen's former supervisors says he doesn't think Petersen is fit for the job. Petersen says he struggles with alcoholism but still feels he was a good officer. 

"You mean well, but I think your life has degenerated to a point where you are incapable of executing these duties. If I were in trouble, or one of my family members were in trouble, I would not want to place them in your hands," said Paul Felican with Milwaukee Police Department Internal Affairs. 

"It's a disease I was going through. I sought treatment for it and I've been doing well. My record with the department wasn't bad up until lately. I just feel I was a good officer and I have a lot to offer the department and the city," Petersen said. 

The Commission will be releasing a full statement on their decision to uphold the termination in the next ten days. 

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