Felon arrested after shooting gun while chasing car on US-41

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man on a motorcycle could face hefty charges after chasing another car down US-41, firing his gun at the car.

\"It's a bad news situation,\" Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said at a news conference.

Around 7:30 a.m. Monday, calls came in reporting gun fire on southbound Highway 41.

\"Happened to get  on the freeway ramp at the same time,\" Clarke said of the victim.  \"Seven-thirty in the morning, you've gotta figure there's other motorists.\"

The chase between a black Harley Davidson motorcycle and another car started near the southbound Highway 41 Lisbon Avenue on-ramp. Clarke says the motorcyclist, 35-year-old James Norman, was upset about another car cutting him off.  Witnesses say Norman made angry gestures at the car before shooting his Glock .40.

\"He fired a shot at that vehicle,\" Clarke said.  \"[The bullet] Passed through both windows right in front of the victim's head.\"

No one was hit, but the victim was cut by shattered glass.  Norman then crashed into the median near the stadium interchange.

\"[Police] saw him walking with a pistol in hand and he threw it into the GM barrier gap, that's the dividing wall,\" Clarke said.

West Milwaukee police handcuffed Norman, who seemed to have alcohol on his breath. Sheriff's deputies found marijuana in his pocket and a \"Sin City Deciples\" gang sticker on his Harley.

\"The overwhelming majority of motorcycle enthusiasts do not run around with those type of decals because it can get them into trouble,\" Clarke said.

The sheriff isn't sure Norman is a member of the gang, whose slogan is \"death before dishonor\".  But added the 35-year-old has an extensive criminal history and did not have a valid license.

\"You'd think that person would be on the straight and narrow, speed limits, signal at all turns, but they don't,\" Clarke said.  \"I've never been able to figure that psychology out.\"

The sheriff plans to push for attempted homicide, felon in possession of a weapon and drunk driving charges, pending the results of a blood draw.

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