Federal judge halts John Doe Investigation

MADISON -- Democratic leaders in Madison are calling a federal judge's decision to stop the John Doe Investigation unprecedented and unjust. While Governor Scott Walker says it's just another day in the life of the most scrutinized Governor in the country.

May 7, 2014 is the first day since August of 2012 that Governor Walker and his allies are bot the subject of a John Doe investigation. Governor Walker is still cautious telling us his doubts about this being over.

\"We'll see. I'm assuming there will be further actions in the future, but my hope is as with a lot of these issues we can just move one,\" says Walker.

Federal Judge Rudolph Randa's ruling stops the John Doe investigation of Scott Walker in its tracks. That investigation was looking into Walker's campaign possibly illegally coordinating with special interest groups during his 2012 recall election.

The judge also ordered all evidence collected so far be destroyed, a move that shocks Democratic leaders. Assembly Minority Leader State Representative Peter Barca says, \"When you have this kind of extreme ruling it can produce a big backlash, and this kind of extremism is not good for this state.\"

Some Democrats are confident this is a short-lived victory for Governor Walker. Democratic State Senator Chris Larson says, \"I do think this judge will be overruled. This is somebody who's ruled in a partisan way in the past, and has a history of being overruled.\"

State Rep. Barca believes we'll likely see this case reach the United States Supreme Court.

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