FBI: Wisconsin tops in solving bank robbery cases

 In 2014, Wisconsin recorded 141 bank robberies and 66 of those were in the city of Milwaukee.

According to the FBI, that's most in at least seven years and it puts Wisconsin fifth in the nation.

However, the FBI's Milwaukee office, which encompasses all of Wisconsin, is tops in the country at solving bank robbery cases.

Supervisory Special Agent Robert Botsch said they solved seventy-six percent of the robberies in Wisconsin and eighty percent in the city.

The national average hovers around fifty percent.

The FBI said that thinking outside the box by partnering with the bank security industry, local police departments like Milwaukee Police, creating the violent crime task force, and partnering with the media has all helped.

Of all the robberies profiled on CBS 58 in \"Unsolved Bank Robberies\" series, the FBI said that fifty percent of them were solved.

The FBI also saw bank robberies involving weapons increase five percent.

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