FBI Searching for Alleged Robber in the Viewing Area

A robber left behind his gun, phone and keys but he got away with the crime.

Authorities are still searching for this man wanted for his role in a string of armed robberies.

Police said Antonio Currin managed to escape their grasp after a pair of armed robberies in late June.

In the struggle to escape, he left behind crucial evidence.

Surveillance video from a south side Family Dollar shows them approaching the counter - both wearing masks

The suspect then grabbed the drawer, and both fled the establishment.

The suspects then headed to a Walgreens on West Burnham

One stood by the front drawer and one went to the register and obtained the same thing the cash register drawer and fled the scene.

In this case you had a three man robbery crew, two subjects went into the store, there was a third subject that was involved."

Police caught up with all three in a CVS parking lot  where they  believe the men may have been trying to hit a third store.

Two men were captured, but Antonio Currin fought back.

During a confrontation with police, a handgun fell out of his waistband:

 "He is clearly a violent individual. He committed two armed robberies, resisted police, and fled on foot,” said a representative from the FBI.  “We believe Antonio Currin is someplace within your viewing area."

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