FBI Hands Over 100 Hours of Recorded Conversations to Defense in Hamzeh Case

Nearly 100 hours of recorded conversations were handed over from the FBI to the defense in Samy Hamzeh’s case on Tuesday.

Hamzeh is accused of allegedly planning a mass shooting at the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center.

Hamzeh’s attorney was in court for a scheduling conference on Tuesday.

According to court records, FBI concluded the declassification of all the material with the exception of the translations of recorded conversations.

Approximately 100 hours of recorded conversations including 12 disks of discovery were delivered on Tuesday.

Government did provide 99 disks of the recorded conversations to defense at the arraignment, but they were all in Arabic.

According to court records, the government is working on protective order and planned on filing it on Tuesday.

Court was continued until May 13.

The three federal charges are weapons related.

Two charges were for possessing a machine gun and one for possessing a silencer.

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