Family of man killed by Deputy near lakefront says he didn't follow protocol

NOW: Family of man killed by Deputy near lakefront says he didn’t follow protocol

The family of a man shot and killed by a Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy last month is calling for justice. They claim the deputy didn't follow protocol when he shot Terry Williams inside a car along the lakefront.

Terry’s mother joined a handful of people for a brief press conference July 4th evening saying that the Deputy was wrong for shooting him and they have the documents to prove it.

This all happened on June 11 when Williams fled from Sheriff Deputies near the lakefront. Video shows Williams swerving and crossing medians before a deputy on foot patrol fires into the car. Williams would later die at a local hospital.

The family chose to meet outside Summerfest because of a different situation that happened near here last week. That’s when someone hit an MPD officer with their car and the family is wondering why that person wasn’t shot.

Williams’ family says department protocol is not to shoot in that situation and they want the deputy to be punished, “we want this police officer to pay, lose his job, go to prison. You're never supposed to shoot at a moving vehicle in a crowd of people, you could have tried any other option, but you chose not to. Instead you gunned him down like an animal. He's not an animal he's a human being, said Terry Williams’ cousin Shawnda McKee.

The family says they have more documents coming and they've hired an attorney and appear to be pursuing legal action against the department.

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