Experts say busy spring break travel season ahead, amid rising flight costs

NOW: Experts say busy spring break travel season ahead, amid rising flight costs

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Many people are planning to get away to somewhere warm for spring break, but COVID-19 is still something they have to contend with.

"We do expect spring break to be just as busy as it was during the pre-pandemic period," said Mitchell Airport Marketing Director Harold Mester.

He said they're still waiting on business travel to bounce back, but leisure is in full swing.

People at travel agencies, like Rose Gray, business relationship director at Fox World Travel, said the phones have been ringing off the hook.

"What they're saying is -- where can I get that so I don't have to [have a negative COVID-19] test to come back, I want to go warm, I want to be guaranteed warm," said Gray.

She said COVID testing is still a big concern because if you test positive, it could mean having to quarantine, potentially in a foreign country.

"What all that translates into is people are thinking maybe domestic, and that's limited inventory, that's been up for sale for a long time, so the prices are driven up," said Gray.

She said if you do travel somewhere, testing is needed. A good idea is getting travel insurance to cover not being able to go, or having to stay longer.

According to Gray, that's where agencies can come in and help with planning.

"You will have probably some out of pocket, but that's a claim that we can submit," said Gray.

Mester said they're excited to offer as many options as possible to make it happen.

"We do have a lot of new flights, Spirit Airlines is flying to eight different cities in the U.S., maybe some of those are warm weather destinations," said Mester.

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