EXCLUSIVE: West Bend Woman's Incredible Story About Losing Weight Through Milwaukee Based TOPS

It's probably been exactly one month since you told yourself you wanted to lose some weight.

West Bend's Kathleen West is proving to be an inspiration for her incredible transformation that didn't use any major national weight loss chains, but Milwaukee based Tops for support and guidance.

She'll be a special live guest Wednesday on the CBS 58 News at 4. 

It was May 2008 when her son, Chris, told her that he was getting married the following July.

It was exciting news, but the “afraid Kathy” thought, “Look at yourself. You weigh 310 pounds, you’ll be the fattest person at the wedding, are you ever going to find a dress, and how are you ever going to do the mother and son dance?”

She felt disgusted wearing a size 26 and on a CAP machine with  high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibroblast, and aching knees and joints.

It was her mom who told her to join TOPS. She told her daughter she had made  made lifelong friends and it was inexpensive.

In the last six years, West had many obstacles to deal with and will continue to deal with.

She admits to being a binge eater, and that her portion sizes were way too much.

"I felt like I was always in bondage to food," West explains to CBS 58 News. "I spent so much time worrying about losing weight that I was losing out on enjoying the life the Lord had given me to enjoy. I let myself go at events, and many of them centered on food. As a teacher, I was having a hard time moving. I had always done water aerobics and water jogging at the YMCA, but I needed to move more."

She went through something so many experience of struggling to find clothes in her size.

But every year in TOPS, except for 2010, West lost weight.

"I wrote down everything that I ate, even on holidays! I started to see my weight loss NOT as a diet but as a journey and lifestyle change that would be forever. I went from exercising three days a week to six days a week, varying my routine. I chose to eat healthy."

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