Exclusive: Riverwest break-in suspect caught on doorbell camera

Exclusive: Riverwest break-in suspect caught on doorbell camera

Milwaukee (CBS 58) -- A Riverwest woman says she captured the person who broke into her home on a doorbell camera.

According to police, the crime is connected to a string of others in the neighborhood.

"They actually pushed the bell, and he had actually covered it with his thumb, the camera, but then I could see him walking away."

A Riverwest woman was at work on Tuesday morning when she was alerted by her surveillance system that someone was at her door.

"I could see him looking around, checking the sides of the house, checking the windows, looking to see if anyone was there."

The burglary victim said the suspect eventually made his way into the house. He broke a glass window and ransacked the home, taking a laptop among other items.

"So the police have made a couple of arrests, persons of interests, we'll find out which crimes they're connected to if any," said Ald. Nik Kovac.

He says there were a lot of calls to police Tuesday about theft and suspicious behavior in the Riverwest area.

Police say the investigation remains ongoing. If you have any information that can help police, give them a call. 

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