Exclusive: MPD officer injured in hit-and-run shares his story

Exclusive: MPD officer injured in hit-and-run shares his story

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee Police Officer Alberto Figueroa still lives in pain after a January crash nearly took his life.

“I was somewhat lifeless,” he said.

In an exclusive interview with CBS 58, Figueroa shared his story.

Figueroa says the police department’s support is what keeps him going.

“There’s no greater brother and sister that’s out there,” he said.

The near-death experience was caught on camera. Surveillance video shows the moment investigators say a speeding driver slammed into a parked car and crashed into Figueroa during a routine traffic stop.

Charles Paige jumped out of the car Figueroa pulled over and started CPR.

“He wasn’t breathing... he was lifeless,” Paige said. 

Paige stayed with Figueroa until an ambulance arrived. Four emergency surgeries later, Figueroa woke up to a new reality.

“I don’t remember the crash but due to the injuries I knew I was involved in the accident,” he said.

His injuries include a broken hip, leg and ribs.

“I don’t know where my kids or my family would be if I was gone and that’s a hard thing to grasp now because this accident could have gone far worse than it originally was,” Figueroa said.

When asked if Paige views himself as a hero, he said no. He said he just did what he could with the circumstances.

The man who hit Figueroa, Kevon Moore, is expected in court on Friday.

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