EXCLUSIVE: Family of hit-and-run victim ask for public's help

\"I just feel someone should come forth,\" said Jamie Buettner. 

It's a simple plea.  

\"He was run down just right in the middle of the road,\" said Buettner.  

His 25-year-old nephew, Josh Fricke, died Monday morning after being hit by a car early Sunday. 

\"One guy hit him and kept going then another guy rolled over him,\" explained Buettner.

Jamie says Josh was outside with a friend around 4:20 Sunday morning when he was hit. 

He says some witnesses have offered car descriptions.

\"Late model Os mobile, red, two door,\" said Buettner.

He needs more. 

\"We're in limbo. How can someone do this? He was just laying there and the cars just kept going like he was an object,\" said Buettner.

Heartfelt messages now cover the bridge and the sidewalk where Josh was hit. 

\"He has a 5-year-old old son he leaves behind. He has no daddy now,\" said Buettner. 

Jamie says Josh lived for his son.

The family wants justice and need answers. 

\"We know he is in a better place, but it doesn't give  any closure for us,\" said Buettner. 

If you have any information you are encouraged to call Milwaukee Police.  

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