E. coli found in water at Waukesha County elementary school

NOW: E. coli found in water at Waukesha County elementary school

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- E. coli has been found in the water at a school in Waukesha County.

Lannon Elementary School is now stocked with water bottles because drinking fountains are off-limits. Portable hand-washing stations have even been brought in. Parents and children hope the situation is resolved quickly.

Madeleine Besonen described the problem at her school as only a fourth-grader could. "There's lots of water that people have been drinking and they've been going to the bathroom a lot," she says.

The school gets its water from its own well and in late September, E. coli was found in that water.

"We can't drink the water and we can't wash our hands either," said Madeleine.

In response, the school has decided to join the village's water supply. Everyone now waits for the work to be done. In the meantime, Madeleine's grandmother Solance walks her granddaughters home from school, making sure neither of the girls slipped up and forgot the no-drinking rule.

"I'm a little concerned about them so hopefully they'll solve the problem pretty soon," said Solange Lamarre, Madeleine's grandmother.

They live right across the street and their family as well as several neighbors had their water tested as a precaution.

"They couldn't even brush their teeth with the water. Nothing. They say absolutely don't use the water at all," said Solange.

Those CBS 58 News spoke too say they are E. coli free.

"I think there was a lot of panic through town. It's terrible for the school and they do need it fixed," said Jan Manorschmidt who lives across from Lannon Elementary.

"I just want the water to go back to normal," said Madeleine.

The school says they'll be up and running with municipal water by the end of December. It's going to cost them $350,000 and they're looking to applying for DNR grant money.

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