Dustin Diamond bound over for trial, back in court in January

An Ozaukee County judge found probable cause Monday to send Dustin Diamond - better known as \"Screech\" - to trial.  Diamond faces a felony charge for recklessly endangering safety, along with two misdemeanor charges.  Diamond didn't speak with reporters while on his way in or out of court.  He'll be back in court for an arraignment January 22.  

In court on Monday, we got a hint at how Diamond's attorney might defend him.

Namely, that the victim couldn't say for sure it was Diamond who inflicted the stab wound near his armpit.

Officer Ryan Hurda of the Port Washington Police Department testified that the victim did not see Diamond stab him.

\"Mr. Smith did not know how he sustained the injury,\" Officer Hurda said from the stand. \"He said that the two had gotten in an argument.. He had pushed the man ack to keep him away. Then, his brother pulled him away during altercation, asked him if he was hurt,  and that's when they noticed he was bleeding from his right side.\"

Police say when they pulled over Diamond he had a knife with blood on it in his possession.

Court documents also indicate that Diamond admitted to waving the knife around but in self defense to protect his girlfriend during a fight in the bar on Christmas night.

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