Drunk driver who killed 3 sentenced to 21 years in prison

NOW: Drunk driver who killed 3 sentenced to 21 years in prison

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A man who killed three women in a speeding and drunk driving incident in 2020 was sentenced to more than two decades in prison Friday, Feb. 25.

Moses Burnett was driving at double the legal limit for alcohol and at 87 miles per hour when he hit another vehicle near 27th and Locust on Oct. 29, 2020.

Three women -- 18-year-old Ansha Young-Daugherty, 20-year-old Tytiana Dean and 23-year-old Danielle Turner -- were killed in the incident. One woman in the car survived.

Burnett pleaded guilty to multiple counts in the case.

On Friday, a judge sentenced him to a total of 21 years in prison and 12 years extended supervision.

Before Burnett learned of his sentence, family of the victims shared emotional statements in court.

"It's such a bad void in our family," Czerda Riley, a family member of the victims, said. "Every day I go to somewhere in Milwaukee and remember the times I spent with each one of them girls."

The attorney for the victims said the case was indicative of the surge of reckless driving in Milwaukee over the past number of years.

"Speeding, driving, drinking and it is causing deaths on a level that we have not seen before on the road," the attorney said.

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