Drop in testing concerns state health officials

NOW: Drop in testing concerns state health officials
MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As the state increased its coronavirus testing capacity, the number of people getting tested has fallen slightly.

Governor Tony Evers said labs around Wisconsin can process 17,668 tests per day.

But DHS Secretary Designee Andrea Palm expressed concern over a falling number of people getting tested.
Milwaukee city and county leaders have worried about falling numbers at the National Guard testing sites in recent weeks as well.

Wisconsin is experiencing a downward trend of cases, but state health officials said coronavirus is still spreading.
All counties in our area are listed as having either high or medium activity levels for the disease.
DHS Secretary Designee Andrea Palm said she doesn't want people who have symptoms to be lulled into a false sense of security.

"We don't want folks who have symptoms, just because its summer, to think they don't need to get a test, if you've got symptoms we encourage people to see out a test," said Palm.

As doctors and hospitals have increased testing, the places where people can get tested may change.
Palm said they're planning for the National Guard to stop testing in the fall, once its deployment ends. Evers said he has asked the Trump administration to extend the deployment as well.

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