Drivers getting ready as construction starts to wrap up on Milwaukee's streetcar 'The Hop'

NOW: Drivers getting ready as construction starts to wrap up on Milwaukee’s streetcar ’The Hop’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The streetcar, The Hop, is almost ready!

Construction is wrapping up and test cars will soon be on the road in just a few weeks. So, how do you hop?

"The q-line uses tracks in the road, so when driving, be aware and heads up. Don't tailgate or cut off the q-line, it takes time to stop." Those instructions come from a video about Detroit's streetcar. The instructional video shows many of the adjustments drivers will have to make when sharing the road.

There are also special instructions for pedestrians and bikers. For example, bikers must cross the tracks at a 90 degree angle or they could get stuck.

"In the same way, you would operate around a bus, it's very similar to that," said Jeff Polenske, Milwaukee City Engineer. 

Polenske says they'll spend the summer testing the streetcar.

"Like trucks, double parking for unloading and loading over here on St. Paul. That's why the testing is useful, for getting businesses acclimated to how they may have to adjust patterns," said Alderman Robert Bauman.

Alderman Bauman says the City of Milwaukee will release a video similar to the one in Detroit made specifically for The Hop.

On Friday, the public was assured that construction on the streetcar wraps up next week. The Hop will be on the road in just a few weeks, without people, for testing. 

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