Double homicide at house party, witness speaks to CBS 58

MILWAUKEE -- Two men were shot and killed at a house party near Marquette University. CBS 58 spoke to a woman who was at the party who ended up right next to the shooting victim. She describes the shooting as pure chaos.

Jerrica Cashaw, says she dropped to the floor when she heard gunshots, and realized there was blood all over her. It was the shooting victim's blood not her own. The two men found were age 20 and 21.

A witness says one was in the living room and one was in the hallway with people trying to resuscitate both of the victims. One of the tenants is a Marquette student. Party goers say it was supposed to be a fun house party hosted by two girls, McDowell and Cratic, but an argument got out of control.

Witnesses say dozens were at the party during the shooting. It was such a large party, they were patting people down at the door. Cashaw says it was total chaos once the shooting happened.

The shooting was so close to the university an alert was sent out to students and staff at Marquette. Police are still investigating.



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