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Dominique Heaggan-Brown gets deal from state in sexual assault and prostitution charges

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The former Milwaukee Police Officer acquitted in the shooting death of Sylville Smith appeared in court Friday for several unrelated charges.

Heaggan-Brown is facing seven charges including second degree sexual assault and prostitution charges. The charges are separate from the charges and later acquittal in the shooting death of Sylville Smith that led to the Sherman Park unrest in 2016.

The state is giving Dominique Heaggan-Brown an offer, but the details of that offer were not disclosed in court. Friday was supposed to be his last hearing before trial, but since the defense just got the offer more time is needed to make a decision.

The final pretrial hearing was set for January 18 and by then any final negotiations will need to be finished.

"That really gives everyone some time to put it in perspective and figure out where we’re going, if we go anywhere. If not, we’re going to trial and I have no problem with that. We’ve done it once before in another matter in this case and we’ll do it again if we need to so that’s fine," said Judge Jeffery Conen.

Right now Heaggan-Brown’s trial is scheduled for February 20.

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