DNR Searching for "Sturgeon Guards" to Help Protect Against Poachers

NOW: DNR Searching for “Sturgeon Guards“ to Help Protect Against Poachers

As the weather warms up, the sturgeon are getting ready to spawn. In northern Wisconsin, the DNR is looking for volunteers to help protect them.

The DNR is asking people to guard the sturgeon along the Wolf River near New London. Officials say the spawning sturgeon are vulnerable to poachers so they're getting together a team of "Sturgeon Guards."

"In the past several years, there's been several fish taken. What we've seen is they'll be by the shore and take them. This has been an ongoing issue for many years," said Ben Treml with the DNR.

The non-profit group "Sturgeon for Tomorrow" supports the guard program. The volunteers work 12-hour shifts. All meals are provided. 

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