DNR: Licenses 'not issued' to state hunters and trappers for fall 2021 wolf hunt

MADISON, Wis. – According to a statement from the Wisconsin Department of National Resources Wednesday, Oct. 27, licenses have not been issued to state hunters and trappers for the fall 2021 wolf hunt.

The statement comes after a circuit court’s ruling enjoining the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from implementing the wolf harvest law.

Per the statement, "In accordance with the court order and the department’s ongoing plans, the DNR will continue working towards promulgation of rules and the completion of a wolf management plan to guide management decisions."

The DNR added that if members of the public suspect wolves in the depredation of livestock, pets or hunting dogs, or if wolves are exhibiting threatening or dangerous behavior, they are asked to contact USDA-Wildlife Services staff immediately. 

For more on wolves in Wisconsin, officials encourage the public to visit the DNR website for additional information on wolf management and wolf conflict abatement.

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