Disability Rights Group Challenges Teen's Right-to-Die Decision

APPLETON,Wis. (CBS WFRV)- Appleton teen Jerika Bolen's decision to start hospice care is causing a national uproar from disability rights groups. 

The 14-year-old  was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy since she was a baby. 
Bolen's disease leaves here in constant pain. 
"I got my first surgery when I was like eight and that's when I made the decision, Bolen said.
Bolen decided to stop the use of the machines that are keeping her alive. 
" For a while probably up until I decided I was going to do hospice, I did not like myself ," Bolen said. 
However, Bolen's decision does not sit well with everyone. 
" This young woman should be looking forward to life to college. I regularly work with women who have SMA  who are having babies,"Executive Director of Disabled Parents Rights, Carrie Ann Lucas said.  
Four activist groups have written a letter to the head of Wisconsin Department of Children and Families called for an investigation into Bolen's case. 
Carrie tells us she hopes for some kind of judicial overview regarding Bolen's decision. 
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