Democrats say record Wisconsin turnout puts state out of reach for recount

NOW: Democrats say record Wisconsin turnout puts state out of reach for recount

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- While the Trump campaign has gone silent on the prospect of a recount in Wisconsin, Milwaukee County Republican Party spokesman Rick Baas said it is still being considered.

“If you put that much effort and soul and walked away from as much as he’s walked away from, that might be your reaction too,” Baas said.

As President Donald Trump has repeatedly done, Baas speculated about potential fraud. But like the president’s claims, he did not have evidence, and has just heard stories.

“For example, ballots being transported on buses and spilling out," Baas said. "You know, why are ballots being on buses?”

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said Wisconsin elections are often so close that they are either recounted or audited, and the state always passes the test.

“What those tests have shown is that our system is reliable, and it’s secure, and that the results we have reflect the will of the voters," Kaul said. "And it’s the same basic system that elected Donald Trump four years ago.”

Joe Biden has already won more votes nationally than any candidate of all time. Wisconsin posted it’s highest voter turnout of all time.

Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes said that’s the reason his 20,000 vote lead will hold.

“Democrats did what we needed to do to turn out the vote to defeat Donald Trump," Barnes said. "And this is an insurmountable margin. It may seem small as a percentage, but 20,000 votes is incredibly difficult to overcome.”

Some Republicans have actually criticized Wisconsin’s high turnout, alleging there were more votes than registered voters.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said that is not the case. They also pointed out the fact that the state allows same-day voter registration, which can make the turnout percentage appear artificially high. 

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