Democrats push for Medicaid expansion

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Governor Tony Evers was in Wauwatosa Monday morning, calling on Republicans to expand funding for Medicaid.

Expansion for the program was stripped from Evers' budget request by state Republicans.

Evers says the GOP is playing politics with our health care, and called them out for stopping additional money for it.

State Senator Jon Erpenbach says the program protects even families that sometimes get hit with surprise medical bills.

"They had health care at the time, their names were the Hammonds, they reached out and contacted us," Senator Erpenbach said. "They had twins, premature, and they had health care at the time, but if they had to pay their co-pays and deductibles, they'd go bankrupt."

Fortunately, that family was able to get coverage through Medicaid. Currently, Medicaid only covers up to the poverty line. Expanded, it would increase coverage for a single adult to those making less than $16,500 a year.

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