Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Gronik Sits Down with CBS 58

Andy Gronik has spent his life in the private sector, and will now try his hand at politics. 

Tuesday morning, he officially announced his gubernatorial bid. Gronik will run as a Democrat.

Tuesday afternoon, Gronik sat down with CBS 58's David Ade for his first television interview. 

Gronik said, "I bring a real-life, been there, done that experience to this state."

Gronik, the self-described "progressive businessman" also attacked Governor Scott Walker for policies that he says are driving young people out of Wisconsin.

Walker, and the Republican Party of Wisconsin, quickly moved to paint Gronik as a "far-left out of touch candidate". 

State party spokesman, Alec Zimmerman, said, "While Governor Walker has offered real reforms and proven results for Wisconsin’s working families, out-of-touch con artist Andy Gronik has offered only far-left fantasies and shady political behavior. Andy Gronik has already made it clear that Wisconsinites can’t trust him to do the right thing,”

Gronik responded, "There is so much game playing in politics, and I will tell you, I don't think there is a person in the state of Wisconsin that cares for one moment for all those games."

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