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Democratic candidate for governor Matt Flynn promises to restore collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin

"I cant stand by and watch our democracy destroyed," said Matt Flynn during a live interview on the CBS 58 News at 4.

The live interview just days after officially declaring that he's hoping to unseat Republican incumbent Scott Walker.

"Scott Walker's had eight years to show his vision," Flynn said. "I think his vision is flawed. We used to have clean, open government. We don't now."

Flynn said he plans to restore collective bargaining rights and repeal ACT 10 and Right to Work which he calls a misnomer.

"Iit doesn't mean right to work, it's lower wages," said the retired attorney and one time leader of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin. "I mean the fact is that with Act 10, I know there's an issue with teachers contributing to pension and healthcare. That's fine. But they used a sledge hammer to kill a mosquito."

He joins a crowded field for the primary in August. 

"There's never too many democrats. We need a change in direction. Any one of them would be better than Walker. I think I'm the candidate who can beat Scott Walker and that's the major issue of this campaign." 

Flynn railed against the incentives deal given to tech giant Foxconn to build a plant in Racine County.

"Walker is incompetent to do a $3 billion  deal. I wouldn't be so quick to say we're stuck with the deal. If they do something wrong, if I as governor determine they made misrepresentations, there will be remedies and damages."

Flynn is adamant that road projects need to be funded.

He's against tolls, but is open to taking a look at a gas tax increase, but says there needs to be a comprehensive restructuring on how projects are funded across the state with a serious search for federal funding sources.

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