Delafield residents pack Common Council meeting over controversial housing development pitch

NOW: Delafield residents pack Common Council meeting over controversial housing development pitch

DELAFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A controversial pitch to build a new housing development in Delafield resulted in a packed house at the Delafield Common Council meeting Monday night. 

Over and over we heard concerns about an increase in traffic, one woman saying she'd like to maintain the integrity of Delafield and also keep residents safe. She said if the development is built as proposed, even mowing her lawn in the future might be unsafe.

"The major concern is the place is gonna be permanently changed and I don't know if that's so much for the better," said Sue, Delafield resident.

The area of the proposed change? Multiple city blocks where right now, just five homes sit. Sue led us to the spot between Wisconsin and St. John's Road where Hendricks Commercial Properties would like to build 34 homes.

"Density brings on a lot of major problems -- traffic, wells, I know a lot of us have wells here, most are shallow," said Sue.

"What I don't understand is how you can cram so many homes into this area," said Cindy, of Delafield.

At a packed Delafield Common Council meeting, residents also talked of increased traffic and less green space.

"There are a lot of big, very healthy, mature trees, over 100 years old there that -- if it's possible, as part of all this -- if they could leave those there, that would be a very positive thing as well," said Dan McCormick, Delafield resident.

St. John's Northwestern Academies is in the area in question too, a campus of nearly 140 years. A parent of an alumni has concerns.

"Flooding the surrounding areas with high-density residential home areas does not do this campus any justice. I feel it is a huge disrespect to the alumni who have passed through those halls," said one parent.

"Nobody wants this many homes, what they're proposing at least, to be put on this property...if it was cut in half, I think people would be, be much happier," said Delafield resident Jack Rauwald.

After public comment, the Delafield Common Council voted down the proposal that would have allowed for the land-use permit to move to high use. 

So for now, the developer would not be able to build 34 homes on that site. However, the issue is not done yet. It could still go back to committee and return for a future vote.

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