Day 4 of storm cleanup efforts and power restorations continue

NOW: Day 4 of storm cleanup efforts and power restorations continue

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Power restoration and storm cleanup efforts from Tuesday's storm continued Saturday with We Energies and the City of Milwaukee's Public Works Department on scene on various locations.

We Energies said they expect to have everyone's power restored by the end of the day. 

There is still a lot of clean up work to do as well, with plenty of branches and fallen trees that haven't been picked up yet. 

"It's just so much out here if you just drive up and down the street, if you just look down every block, you're gonna see some trees so it was really bad for the last two or three days that the power was out," said Lisa Harris. Her neighborhood was hit hard by the storm.

Harris lives on the corner of W Ring St. and N 16th St. and said there was a big tree blocking her street for two days.

"Trees are still on people's houses and I'm looking at one right now, the tree is still sitting on this people's house and ain't nobody cut it up or nothing, it's just sitting there," said Harris.

A spokesperson for the City of Milwaukee said their forestry crews are working 24/7 and are focusing on critical locations of downed trees and branches blocking access to streets and those that fell on buildings, houses and cars. 

It's also been busy at the city's drop off centers where they currently are accepting brush, logs and branches at no charge. Spoiled food that is bagged is also being accepted. The drop off centers are open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The city says they also continue working with We Energies as downed wires in-or-near the work zones need to be cleared before crews can safely finish cleanup.

"Unfortunately some of these ones that are taking longer to restore it's because the damage is incredible. We might need specialized equipment, we might need multiple crews to take care of it all," said Brendan Conway, a spokesperson for We Energies.

Conway said by the end of the day they are confident that they will have everyone restored who lost power from Tuesday's storm.

We Energies is estimating approximately close to 240,000 were affected by Tuesday's storm and say they plan on debriefing on their response once restoration efforts are done.

"We look at things we did right, things we could have done better and we will make those changes moving forward. We'll be having those discussions afterwards. I think it's worth noting that within 48 hours we restored power to more than 200,000 people. That is a massive response effort," said Conway.

The city and We Energies continues to ask for the public's patience while they finish responding. 

Below is more information on drop off centers:

 Residents performing cleanup this weekend

  • The City of Milwaukee Drop Off Center accepts up to 6 cubic yards of brush, including logs and larger branches at no charge. Spoiled food that is bagged will also be accepted, double-bagging spoiled food at the Drop Off Center or in garbage carts is encouraged.
  • Drop Off Centers are open Tuesday-Sunday 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Visit for locations. It is open to City of Milwaukee residents and property owners, ID required.
  • Sanitation Services will collect up to 2 cubic yards of brush, branches less than 6” in diameter and less than 4’ in length, curbside upon request at no charge. Request a brush pickup online at or by calling 414-286-CITY.
  • Brush should be at your regular collection point for service. Please do not put brush or other debris in the street for collection.


If parking access is blocked by downed trees and you need street parking, go online to to get up to 3 days permission. For permission more than 3 nights due of storm damage, call 286-CITY to request additional nights.

To report issues that need city service, call 286-CITY (2489) or through one of their digital channels found here.

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