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DA: No charges to be issued for death of Corey Stingley

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office has decided not to press charges against the three men who restrained Corey Stingley in a West Allis store in 2012.

16-year-old Corey Stingley entered a West Allis convenience store with the intent to steal alcohol. When he attempted to flee the store, three men adult males restrained him until police arrived. By the time police arrived, Stingley had no pulse. He was later pronounced dead at Froedtert Hospital on December 29th.

The district attorney's office has been conducting a John Doe investigation into the death of Stingley. The John Doe investigation included the review of sworn testimony from witnesses, evidence gathered from police, and the reports from the medical examiner's office.

The district attorney's office examined whether the three men that held down Stingley could be charged with homicide or criminally reckless conduct.  The district attorney's office concluded that none of the three men in this case intended to kill Stingley, thus ruling out the possibility of homicide charges.

Community activist Tory Lowe has been in constant contact with the Stingley family and said that he echoes their disappointment in the findings.

\"I've been in their corner since day one. We're going to keep going and see what else we can do.\" Lowe said.

In their release, the district attorney's office says the men had to be aware that they were causing great bodily harm to Stingley for criminal misconduct charges to be issued. The district attorney's office says the three men facing possible charges had no formal training in proper restraint. The release says the men were \"acting in the belief that they were assisting in stopping a crime\". The district attorney's office concluded they did not have enough evidence to prove the three men were guilty of criminal misconduct.

Tory Lowe said that he and the family are planning a demonstration outside of the courthouse.

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