Video: Customer throws bucket of chicken at Waukesha KFC manager

Video: Customer throws bucket of chicken at Waukesha KFC manager

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – Surveillance video shows 38-year-old Sondra Gill at the KFC on Sunset Drive in Waukesha, lashing out at the manager on duty- Jamie Hernandez- and throwing a bucket of chicken at her head. Gill eventually threw her entire order over the counter.

Hernandez, 21, was working behind the counter Saturday night. She says she’s dealt with a number of issues during her year at the store, but never to this extent.

Hernandez admits the video makes her laugh but is calling the woman’s actions childish and uncalled for.

CBS 58 obtained the 9-1-1 call that was made following the incident.  

Operator: “9-1-1 what’s your emergency?”

Caller: “We’re at the KFC on Sunset. It’s a bunch of people in our lobby throwing chicken and starting a fight.”

That call was made Saturday night just before 8p.m. when Gill returned to KFC upset about her order.

“There was nothing wrong with her food, but she got the wrong pieces of chicken,” says Hernandez. “I had called my general manager to tell him, and he said we couldn’t give her a refund, but we could remake it for her.”

Not willing to accept that offer, Gill lashed out on Hernandez tossing the bucket of chicken at her head, and the rest of her order over the counter.

“Afterwards we were laughing at the situation because it’s childish but funny at the same time,” says Hernandez.

That tantrum gave Gill a citation for disorderly conduct and banned her from this specific location.

“Obviously I’m a person and I got mad and I wanted to fight her, but I wasn’t going to,” explains Hernandez. “She was childish. We could have just made her food and she could have gone about her day.”

While Hernandez says she hasn’t seen or heard of any apology from Gill, she hopes the citation will be a reminder to treat others with respect.

“Now she knows that if it happens again it can go further into her getting into more trouble,” says Hernandez.

CBS 58 reached out to KFC’s corporate in regards to this incident but we’ve not heard back yet.

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