Customer Flow Normalizing in Downtown Waukesha after Construction

Downtown Waukesha has been construction-free for the past month and after a rough summer of road closures some business owners say things are looking up.

For many of the businesses just having their curbside parking back gives them a boost to get back on track.

The roads look great now - standing in huge contrast to April when crews tore everything up and shut down Main Street to get their work done.

Businesses owners - looking back on this summer - say they noticed a definite drop in walk-in traffic which was tough.

Some even branched out to focus more on their online sales presence to try to cover their bases after getting calls like this one -described by the owner of the Jest for Fun Joke Shop.

"They called me looking for a product or something and I said 'Yes, we have that right here in the store'. They asked me, they said 'Oh, you guys have the construction going on?' 'Yeah.' 'When's it supposed to end?' 'Oh, end of June, early July.' They said 'Oh we'll come in then.' I said 'I can't mail it to you?'" owner Jon Archimede said.

Some businesses owner say they are seeing a return of customers but in some cases they are still lagging behind where they would have been even last year. But they do have hope that sales will stabilize in the coming year.

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