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Hundreds line streets in Brookfield to protest Gov. Evers' Safer at Home order

NOW: Hundreds line streets in Brookfield to protest Gov. Evers’ Safer at Home order


BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Protesters gathered in Waukesha County Saturday, April 18, frustrated over Wisconsin’s Stay-at-Home Orders.

This week, Governor Tony Evers extended the order for another month, through May 26. 

On Saturday, several hundred people lined the streets near Bluemound and Moorland Road -- outside Brookfield Square Mall. To them, their message to Gov. Evers is simple: Open Wisconsin.

"This is going way better than they predicted it would. There’s way less effect on the public and it’s beyond time to open up the state and get people back to work," said Dan Sebring, protester. 

"I understand the fear but we have to take the chance cause if this country, and our state, doesn’t get back to work we’re going to go into a deep, deep recession or depression," said Carol Greco, protester. 

For more than two hours, folks stood around Brookfield Square Mall with their signs and their flags. A few of the protesters were also wearing masks. Many drivers passed by honking their horns in solidarity.

On Thursday, April 16, Gov. Evers extended his Stay at Home order through May 26 in the interest of public health.

“Overtime people will get back to work," Evers said. "But the bottom line is that our businesses, our workers and us as consumers can’t be confident if we’re not confident about our safety and our health.”

To date, the Wisconsin Department of Health Service reports nearly 4,200 confirmed cases in the state. In Waukesha County, the number of positive cases is 259.

“We are fighting for our first amendment rights," said Angela Lydia, a protester and furloughed retail employee. "This is the greatest nation on the earth and I’m scared of communism, socialism. It starts little by little from the inside and I think that’s what’s going on.”

“We don’t need to ruin our economy and keep healthy people inside when they can be going to work," another protester added.

CBS 58 reached out to Gov. Evers' office for comment on the protest.


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Sue 28 days ago
In regards to your comment about abortion and the government wanting to control a woman’s body I would like to share a thought which may make sense to you. Control of your body is truly a woman’s responsibility. Because of that fact the “choice” factor comes in for the woman before sex. Yes, women have the right of choice/the right to choose for themselves what is right for them. Would you jump into a fire and say I don’t want to be burnt? So before sex you take the necessary steps to prevent a pregnancy or you have sex knowing that your choice may result in a new life/conception. Government steps in to protect the voice of the unborn. There is no way to sugar-coat it, abortion is killing a defenseless life. It is a great sadness that abortion is legal and a great lie being sold to young women that it is just tissue. Know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
JTSparks42 40 days ago
Hey, protestors! Next time one of you starts hollering about abolishing abortion and contraception rights for women, we're going to throw this crap back at you. You know---"We're in charge of our own health and well-being!" "The government is trying to control our bodies!"
Not surprised at your hypocrisy. You voted for a hypocrite.
Melon22 41 days ago
I'm from Brookfield, I grew up there....and this is the most shameful, humiliating display of ignorance I've ever seen.
Lawrence 41 days ago
I like the confederate flag! Nice touch! Is that in case any non-white people showed up. Can’t have non-whites at a protest full of ignorant racists!
Lawrence 41 days ago
Stupid people,

We still do not know the extent of the spread of the Coronavirus, why would you all go stand together in close proximity and demand the state reopen (while wearing no masks or gloves). This is an extremely deadly and debilitating virus. Even when people recover they can still have issues with breathing and fatigue and we have no idea what long term affects will be on those that contracted it. Is another 4 weeks of quarantine not worth it if it keeps people from getting sick or dying? What is wrong with all these protesters? Get a clue, watch an actual news channel instead of Fox News where most of you just want to look at the pretty ladies legs anyhow. What a bunch of selfish jerks. I feel sorry for the hospital workers that might end up having to take care of you in a week or two.
Mark 41 days ago
That's a lot of stupid, selfish people all in one place, wish there was a way to test all of them in a week or two.
Gerry 41 days ago
100's????? More like 1000s. No wonder no one watches your broadcasts. Not surprised through, we predicted you would distort the facts.....AGAIN. Notice the difference between a conservative protest and a liberal protest? They are peaceful and pick up the trash when they leave. ;)
Randy 41 days ago
The people with the signs that read "forced socialism in progress" are the same ones who voted Clinton and Obama. Makes a lot of sense. Just had to get out and ignore social distancing to whine and cry. That is how it works, just whine and cry till you get your way, who cares about anyone else.
JonN 41 days ago
I amazes me how many people I see posting things about supporting our troops every year and commenting on the hardships they face. Especially during wartime. A lot of vets won't even discuss the horrors they've seen. Sure we can all sit back and watch a movie and see it all simulated on the silver screen, wave our flags on the 4th of July, and act like patriots when the home team is winning. But when the tables are turned and we are asked to sacrifice for the good of others and the country as a whole, some of us fall to pieces and start whining about how their precious lives have been interrupted. OMG!!! I can't go outside. My job is temporarily closed. I can't go have a beer.. Maybe some of you should go visit a vet and ask them about sacrifice. Ask what it's like to spend your day dodging bullets, bombs, IUD's, maybe watching a buddy lose their life right in front of them, or losing their limbs and having to spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair. Talk to families, mothers, fathers, wives, brothers, sisters, and children whose lives have completely changed due to the loss of a loved one. Wars last years.. Your sacrifice will only last a few months. So suck it up and start acting like the "great" Americans some of you claim to be. You're not being asked to lay down your life, but to help save a few others and maybe even your own. Now is not the time to be selfish, self centered, or spending your day whining to everyone about how hard your life is. Nobody said this was going to be easy, and we are all in the same boat. You're no better than anyone else and there are millions of people on this planet that have it a lot worse than you do...
Amelia 41 days ago
When this is over, I will only frequent businesses that followed the rules and took precautions. It's not a funny joke to have all these people die - just because it hasn't happened in Brookfield or Wisconsin yet. Death isn't choosy.
Gerry Amelia 41 days ago
Then I guess you won't be visiting any small businesses because most will not survive the socialist shut down/
Melon22 Gerry 41 days ago
So be it!
starcane 41 days ago
Just remember the protesters are a minority,just a bunch of idiots that can not or will not control them selves.Yes by doing stupid things like this the pandemic will be drawn out. If enough people are drawn into this kind of crap we will be shut down all summer. Yes we are all out of work and hurting BAD,I would like this to end as soon as possible the only way to do this is to break the transmission chain of the virus. By being out having protests you are destroying the economy and taking all hope away of saving small business.
GregHeiser 41 days ago
Just was watching your 10 pm. Newscast how come in the story on Tony evers unlawful move you can't report it as such unlawful and against the state and federal constitution?
JonN GregHeiser 41 days ago
If it was unlawful the courts would have overturned it.
Gerry JonN 41 days ago
Since we're talking about what's constitutional and what isn't, consider the following:

1. The ideas that states can form agreements to "open the economy" is unconstitutional. Art I., Sec. 10: "No State shall, without the consent of Congress...enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State."

2. These states using their control of major port facilities to control commerce is unconstitutional. Art. I, Sec. 8, cl. 3: "The Congress shall have power...To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States." Not the states.

3. If states attempt to makes rules of action by fiat, the federal government has a duty to intervene. Art. 4, Sec. 4: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a Republican Form of Government." The federal government is obligated to intervene against governors like Whitmer who usurp authority.

4. The 14th Amendment was written in the aftermath of the Civil War to allow the federal government to bigfoot state governments that were depriving their citizens of their rights. Amend. 14, Sec. 1: "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Not that the Constitution matters to anyone anymore. I'm just saying.
JonN Gerry 41 days ago
I don't see the Supreme Court blocking what the states are doing. Do you?
Chuck 41 days ago
I want to say I respect all of you for your right to protest. That's one of the things that makes this Country great. But I also want to say, that I am one of those compromised health folks who very well may die if I get this virus. I also want to make clear, I take my responsibility for my safety as my problem. But, I am not ready to die and I have Grand Children I would like to watch grow up a bit. I too am sacrificing much for each of you so I don't infect your loved ones. I am complying with the process required to prevent as much as we can. My children are making that sacrifice. Some losing their jobs also. They are not protesting because they cannot golf, or launch a boat, or drink beer at a bar or even going to work until it is safer. The science says we hide first and help our healthcare folks by keeping the infection rate down. Our Government asks us to sacrifice. Protest if you must. For each of you there, there are thousands of us here at home, because we value our lives and your families' lives also. We are ALL getting a bad deal right now in our own way. I have to ask. Where are your face coverings so you don't make each other sick? Don't you care at all about your loved ones and fellow protesters? Also, Don't forget to wash your hands. Kiss your parents and Grand Parents when you get home and tell them you care about them too. You're not being asked to give up your rights. You're being asked to take care of your brothers and sisters. Your fellow humans. But, protest if you must. Next week in Madison, wear a face covering at least and stand a little farther apart please. Thanks.
Python 41 days ago
To all who believe in this lock down, You are oblivious to the amount of jobs which will be lost for years over this. Then when you're on your unemployment getting only $370 a week instead of the $970 you will be crying the blues of "how did this happen!!! Oh, and then your unemployment will run out. The state will then be in a huge deficit and want to raise taxes or cut services but they will need more money for all those on food stamps and welfare... Yes this is what occurs when an economy crashes like this. Sweden did virtually nothing and their stats are better than all of Europe in deaths per million!!
belisarius Python 41 days ago
Ah, you must be a member of the No Lives Matter movement. Good luck.
Randy Python 41 days ago
3 weeks ago you were whining that the Govt wasnt doing enough to save people. Pinko.
Lawrence Randy 41 days ago
Really? Pinko? Grow up, watch some real news and pull your head out of the sand. Sweden is one example. Britain followed that same path initially and look at their numbers. Sweden is a smaller country, a less integrated country (very white). It does not have an ethnically diverse population like a lot of countries do. Ethnically diverse means family members are more likely scattered around the globe and more likely to travel and spread the virus.
Melon22 Python 41 days ago
No. We are not. Risk/reward assessment=ALIVE trumps EVERYTHING else. Employment, recession, everything [aka: money driven arguments] tl
This is a A TOTALLY new, unknown, [completely down-played re: contagiousness] VIRUS----without proper implementation NOW could be a near- EXTINCTION level event.
I'm sure the thousands who r the last to perish will wish they DID MORE 4 longer, not shorter; on the off chance their net worth may take a hit.
Melon22 Melon22 41 days ago
My argument above does bot reflect my beliefs of what's to come. I do not think this is actually at that severe, but if it had or if it does...
BassMan 42 days ago
The closing of boat launches is just the most stupid thing they have done..
It's almost like they want to be like Communist China. It's not like we dont want to protect ourselves if we want to go fishing...
JonN BassMan 41 days ago
In China if they even thought you were infected they snached you off the street, out if your home, place of business, and were taken to a medical facility. Then they went to get your family.. Stop whining! Closing a boat launch isn't the end of the world. I'm sure you will survive that unimaginable hardship.
BassMan JonN 41 days ago
JonN, it's called over reaching.
And dont tell me to stop whining you have no clue what you are talking about, I saw your long rant....
We are adults and i know how to protect myself and still do some things, we dont have to completely lock down outdoor activities....
Your farrrr more likely to get infected at a grocery store than going fishing by yourself in a kayak...
So as i see it your the whining little boy....
FB 42 days ago
These folks may well be responsible for a "second surge" of COVID-19 cases in our community. They put families, friends and healthcare workers at risk of serious illness. What kind of selfish deliberations led up to this idiocy?
Repton1 42 days ago
The Wisconsin Reich must do what is best for the sheeple.
Lawrence Repton1 41 days ago
Please don’t compare our government on the local level to the nazis. That is disgusting as the nazis in case you did not know killed millions. Save that reference for our glorious leader dictator trump.
Repton1 Lawrence 41 days ago
At 69 years I can call upon several blood relatives who died of lead poisoning under the National Socialist regime. The others died of typhus ( in the holiday camps the national socialists so adored.)
Don't lecture me on Nazis. I know them well , here and in Europe . Ever's is a socialist. I have lived and worked in socialist countries. Trump is my choice . Expect to see you on the streets when the Shutzstaffel of the dems arrive in their trucks as they did in Poland , " to make things better."
This time will not be the same.
Rommel 42 days ago
Ya der, dis guvinor ain't gonna let us out. Dis diseese iz all baloney,drink da beez and dat will stop it fer shur der hey...…….Robin Vos.
Lawrence 42 days ago
"We want more people to die, or re-open everything and get our money moving"
That is what they are saying.
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