"CreepyPasta" groups start fundraisers for stabbing victim

 MILWAUKEE- There's now a push within the \"Creepypasta\" community to raise money for the young girl who was stabbed in Waukesha and her family.

Police say the two girls accused in the stabbing were inspired by a fictional character, Slenderman, on the horror website.

Joe Jozwowski, a father from Waukesha and an active member of the Creepypasta Community, has set up a fund on YouCaring.com.

Jozwowski said his motivation is two fold, first to take donations and secondly to let people know what the \"Creepypasta\" community is all about.

On June 13th there will be a 24 hour live stream event with several narrators, authors, artists, and musicians showcasing for entertainment and education.  

Jozwowski also said all ad revenue generated by both a video he posted and live stream will be donated to the charity drive as well.


A second \"Creepypasta\" fund was also set up at YouCaring.com called \"Creepypasta Waukesha - Bring Her Back\".


This Friday, CreepPasta Wiki is asking people to draw a symbol on their hands in support of the 12-year-old girl and her family.


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