COVID-19 testing up post-Thanksgiving, health officials hope trend continues

NOW: COVID-19 testing up post-Thanksgiving, health officials hope trend continues


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- If what you thought was just having too much stuffing at Thanksgiving might be something more, Milwaukee County health officials are saying they want you to get tested for COVID-19.

After a 25% busier week at the county COVID-19 testing site last week, officials said it was busy once again Monday, but county health officials said they want more people to be getting tested this time of year.

"Anybody who has had a concerning exposure, we want you to get tested. Anyone who has traveled, it might be worth getting tested a couple days after you get back," said Milwaukee County Chief Health Policy Advisor Dr. Ben Weston.

Gabriel Torres, heeding that advice from county health officials, headed to one of three official testing sites in Milwaukee to get tested Monday, Nov. 29, after inviting people over for Thanksgiving dinner.

"To have dinner with some of our family members, and some people came from out of state, and we just want to make sure everything is okay," said Torres.

He said in comparison to last year, things were much easier getting a test, despite less places to get them.

"It's very easy," said Torres, "I mean, you just go and register on your computer or your phone, get the code, and you're set to go."

Dr. Weston said he feels like the amount of public and private testing is enough to meet the increased need for the holidays, and the potential spread of new variants.

"But as far as whether there's enough people seeking out testing, I think we're seeing increased numbers in testing, but certainly anyone with symptoms, we want you to get tested," said Dr. Weston.

He said it's good to get tested at a pharmacy or official site where you can get the most accurate PRC test, but even buying an at-home test to use the day of a holiday gathering can mean more protection for you and your loved ones.

"That morning, have everyone take that test, it's a quick swab. Fifteen minutes later, you have the result and you can have that added layer of confidence that your event is safe, that your gathering is safe," said Dr. Weston.

You can find where to get tested in Milwaukee County by clicking here.

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