Couples lucky to find love get married on Friday the 13th

The spirit of love has Milwaukee County couples saying, \"I do,\" at the courthouse on Valentine's Day eve. But as as the calendar would have it, it's also Friday the 13th.

Those getting married are throwing superstitions like fear and bad luck out the window. They say if you love each other, it doesn't matter what day you tie the knot.

Inside a courtroom, decked out in red, pink and white decorations, family and friends witnessed the nuptials of Loutia and Quentin. After exchanging vows, they got some help with the bling from a handsomely dressed ring bearer. Before you know it, the judge pronounced them husband and wife and the love birds sealed the deal with a kiss.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Sharp have been together for six years and have three girls.

\"We were trying to show our kids how to live right and do right by God,\" said Loutia. \"We love each other and wanted to make it official.

\"We made it right on Friday the 13th so it's all good now,\" added Quentin.

A total of 18 weddings are scheduled at the Milwaukee County Courthouse on Friday the 13th.

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