Couples are getting married and hiring 'budtenders' to serve marijuana

BOSTON (CBS) -- As cannabis becomes legal in more states, a new type of wedding is budding. Some couples are trading the traditional toast for a wedding toke.

High school sweethearts Mike Whittaker and Jordan Mackenzie are planning a high note for their wedding day. “Picture an open bar theme with cannabis” Whittaker says. In addition to a bartender, the couple is hiring a “budtender” to serve marijuana to their guests. Mackenzie says this will allow “our guests to have that relaxation and experience the herb the way we want it to be.”

At a Cannabis Wedding Expo in Boston, couples could visit over 30 booths featuring marijuana-themed services. The Expo featured everything from flowers to chocolate fountains infused with CBD to marijuana drinks perfect for a wedding toast.

Madlyne Kelly is the co-owner of Irie Weddings & Events. She says “Most of our clients don't want a cannabis-themed wedding, they want cannabis available for their guests in a safe and moderated way.” "Budtenders" are the specialty at Irie Wedding & Events. Insured experts serve joints and other products to guests. Kelly says they walk guests through “smelling the different strains to see which one is going to be the best for them.”

The average cannabis bar from Irie Weddings & Events costs $750-dollars for a wedding with 100 people. That price does not include the cannabis, which the couple must buy themselves.

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