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Couple arrested in stolen vehicle after armed robbery spree on north side of Milwaukee

NOW: Couple arrested in stolen vehicle after armed robbery spree on north side of Milwaukee


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Police have announced the arrest of two suspects, wanted for a series of armed robberies on the north side of Milwaukee.

Two armed robbers targeted the Taco Bell on 76th and Appleton, taking cash and a cell phone. It was just one of five places hit in a spree of fast food robberies this week. Two Subways, a GameStop, and a Cousin Subs were also robbed.

Police say a shot was fired into a computer screen at the Subway on Capitol Drive.

Milwaukee Police say it was thanks to their Robbery Task Force that the 27-year-old man and 25-year-old woman were caught.

"The task force is prepared to respond to these spree type activists almost at a moment's notice," said Captain William Beauchene.

Police rely on Social Media cause they say that's often how these criminals find each other.

"A lot of this is connected through social media where these groups get together some ppl get arrested, some get out of custody, let's form a group and let's go on a spree," Captain Beauchene said. 

The Task Force is still investigating but three store managers say the woman came up to the counter, or went to the restroom, left, and then the two came in together to commit the crime.

Milwaukee Police say when faced with armed robbers, it's best to just give up the money.

"Don't fight back because you don't want to get shot and as evidence in this series of incidents, they're not afraid to shoot," the Captain said.

Police were able to catch the suspects during a traffic stop last night in a stolen vehicle after they robbed a Cousins Subs. 

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