Convicted Felon Escapes Guarded, Fortified Home

CHANNEL 3000- A convicted felon escaped from a fortified home in the town of Winfield on April 23, according to authorities.

Sauk County’s sheriff confirms to News 3 that man is Jeremy Felix, a convicted felon who pleaded guilty to attempted strangulation in 2010.

Felix is living in the Winfield home under the supervision of Dungarvin employees. Dungarvin is a care provider contracted out by Care Wisconsin, a company that is hired by the state and responsible for Felix's care.

In 2013, Felix was in another fortified home run by Dungarvin in Baraboo. Baraboo police reported that at least 12 people were sent to the hospital while guarding him there.

Sauk County Sheriff's Department Capt. Mike Stoddard said to Channel 3000 he has not heard of any plans to make the house in Winfield more secure.

News 3 talked to a man who was there the night Felix escaped and who wishes to remain anonymous. He said a dispute with a worker at the home sent the 29-year-old into a violent tantrum.

“He started pounding the wall, kicking the wall, kicking the window,” said the source. “One staff did go and grab him. He was thrown across the room, and I was the next person in the room and at that point he had gone through the window.”

Felix was able to kick through the bulletproof glass, sustaining few injuries. Dungarvin employees followed the felon through the rural area. They also called authorities for backup.

Within an hour, Felix was back in police custody and calm. But Stoddard and the other man there that night are worried about the home’s security.

There are no additional plans to make the house more secure, according to Stoddard.

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