Concerns addressed over "dark store loophole"

NOW: Concerns addressed over “dark store loophole“

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A local group is calling on big-box retailers to pay their fair share.

Known as a dark store loophole, it allows a thriving business to be taxed like another building they have that is vacant. Some counties across the state are putting the issue on the November ballot asking voters if it should stay or go.

The group "Making Change at Walmart" was joined by some city leaders who say the loophole needs to end.

"When you have property taxes, they pay schools, they pay public services, police and fire, so we as a community need to be paying our fair share," said Jenny Divish with Making Change at Walmart.

Cities often wind up losing out on millions in tax revenue. In fact, the group says in 2017 the state of Wisconsin lost out on 700-million in taxable property value. 

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