Community relieved at apprehension of Andrew Obregon

Hours after the apprehension of murder suspect Andrew Obregon, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said that everyone in his community "can sleep better tonight" with news of the capture.

This manhunt had taken over conversations and changed how people lived their lives-- fearful they would come across Andrew Obregon..
And that's exactly what happened to one unsuspecting woman on Tuesday. 

"At about 2:51 this afternoon we got a 911 call from a woman."

A 59 year old woman who just had a surprise encounter with Andrew Obregon. 

He was hiding inside a vacant home she went to check on. 

"There was some kind of discussion and it ended up with her getting punched and Andrew Obregon taking her car," Sheriff Beth said.

Kenosha County authorities immediately put out an alert for the stolen silver Chevy Spark. It was soon spotted in Lake County, Illinois, where Obregon was arrested after a foot chase. 

"At least one of our deputies believes Obregon has a gunshot wound to one of his arms." 

Obregon's capture is a huge weight lifted off Sheriff Beth.

"We were trying to map out the days he would be spotted in different places and trying to time things and we always felt like we were a step behind," said Sheriff Beth.

During the days long search, officers worked on little sleep, schools were on soft lock down, and communities cancelled events. But that all stops now. 

"For all the kids in the schools that Obregon terrorized for the last few weeks, they can go back to where it was. It can go back to where kids feel safe in their playgrounds and schools, parents can feel safe in the community and their homes"

The woman involved in the carjacking was taken by helicopter to Froedtert Hospital. 
Sheriff Beth says Obregon's family is sorry for what Andy did to the community -- and that they too are hurting from this ordeal. 

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