Community members join effort to end gun violence

NOW: Community members join effort to end gun violence

In an effort to save lives and stop the shootings, community members are going to the streets.

“We all have to figure out what we can do to say enough is enough and do something," said Danae Davis.

The month of August has been a deadly one in Milwaukee. There were 14 fatal shootings in just the first two weeks.

In response, city of Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention has been gathering with people in some of the most violent prone areas.

“We’re walking through the Borchert Field and North Division neighborhoods, so that is from around 8th Street to 10th Street, North Avenue to Keefe," said Sumaiyah Clark, injury manager with the Office of Violence Prevention.

They have been going door-to-door passing out flyers and telling people about resources available through the city.

However, the main goal is stopping the violence before it happens.

"One death should be unacceptable, one homicide should be unacceptable,” said (Reggie Moore, director, Office of Violence Prevention. “It really is about an all hands on deck effort, getting people to come out, getting people to pay attention to what's happening around them."

The outreach team intervened during this tense situation, before it escalated.

Police Chief Morales said efforts like this show neighbors they have control over their communities.

"It's not the majority of the people in the neighborhood that cause the problems, it's the minority, it's a small amount. But by leaving here it gives them the confidence that they do matter," he said.

The group will be out again on Sunday, also throughout next week.

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