Colombian drug cartel puts out $70,000 bounty on police dog

(CBS News) -- A Colombian drug gang has out a $70,000 bounty on a police dog. Sombra or "Shadow" has sniffed out almost 10 tons of drugs in more than 300 operations. The K9's work has lead to 245 arrests. 

Intelligence sources say drug sniffing dog's record success has lead the Colombian cartel to put a  200m-peso ($70,000) price on its head, BBC News reports.

The Urabeños gang responsible for the hit request is considered Colombia's most powerful criminal organization. Police have moved Sombra to ensure her safety.

The six-year-old German shepherd is now stationed at the Bogotá Airport, which is much safer than the gang's heartland, where she used to work with counter-narcotics forces. 

Police say she is accompanied by her usual handler as well as extra officers to improve her safety during her deployments.

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