Cold weather alert issued for City of Milwaukee

 The message from Milwaukee's Mayor and Health Commissioner was clear Tuesday afternoon; if you plan to be outside, be smart about it.

The city issued a cold weather health advisory.

It means Police Homeless Outreach teams will be on the streets, to get those who are most vulnerable indoors.

The Fire Department is on stand by to offer assistance and many Library branches will be open until 8 p.m. to serve as warming centers.

The most important message was take care of yourself and look out for others, especially the very young and very old.

\"This is a time when we can become good neighbors,\" said Mayor Tom Barrett. \"If you have people living an apartment building if they're elderly, check on them. Every year we hear about someone who no one had checked on and, unfortunately, there was a terrible mishap because no one had checked on them.\"

\"These subzero temperatures, even for a short duration, you have to be concerned about frostbite,\" added Health Commissioner Bevan Baker. \"Less than 30 minutes, you can get hypothermia and frostbite. \"

Other suggestions include:

packing a survival kit in your car, with blankets, high energy foods and a car phone charges.

heat your home with safe heating devices, never use grills indoors

dress in layers

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