City of Wauwatosa announces hiring process for new police chief

NOW: City of Wauwatosa announces hiring process for new police chief

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The city of Wauwatosa is already preparing the process to bring in a new police chief. In just three months, Chief Barry Weber will retire after nearly 50 years in law enforcement.

“Hopefully any chief that’s coming into Wauwatosa will have an understanding of past events and the toll it has taken on our officers and also some community members," John Milotzky said. He is the president of the Wauwatosa Peace Officers Association.

The city just rolled out an 11-step breakdown on how it will choose the next chief. There will be five opportunities for public involvement.

This includes a survey, submitting potential questions for a public forum interview and giving feedback to the Police and Fire Commission about candidates participating in the phone screening.

“I think it’s important that various community stakeholders are allowed to have some input, because this is the community that we police," Milotzky said. "I hope we will have someone who will continuously stand up for the truth when confronted with misconception." 

The Police and Fire Commission will make the final decision. Attorney Kimberley Motley says that's a red flag.

“Wauwatosa Common Council should be part of the process, as well as the Diversity Equity Inclusion Commission, they should be part of the process," Motley says. 

She says the Wauwatosa Police Department should hire an interim chief first.

“To pick a new chief, they need to understand the problems the department has right now, so I think they’re not going to be ready for a new chief June 1," said Motley. 

Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride issued a statement Friday, Feb. 26. He says that his expectation is that the PFC will select a chief of vision, who will work well with elected officials and understand that the department serves the Wauwatosa and broader Milwaukee community, which is becoming more diverse.

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