Cinderella Project MKE is back to help send youth in need to prom

NOW: Cinderella Project MKE is back to help send youth in need to prom

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)-- After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Cinderella Project MKE is back. It's part of the Empower Youth Foundation. The project helps Wisconsin teens in need with prom by giving them a dress and all the accessories they need for that special night.

Cinderella Project MKE has helped to send thousands of girls to prom, and this year they are back bigger than ever.

"We're able to help so many girls through the program, not only with getting free prom dresses, but with the mentoring aspect and just connecting them with leaders in our community," said Lisette Franco, founder of the Cinderella Project MKE and founder and president of the Empower Youth Foundation.

Franco says this event is about empowering youth and giving deserving girls in our community their "Cinderella moment" by giving them the opportunity to pick the dress of their dreams for prom.

"We have thousands of dresses, so more than enough to serve all the girls that want to take part in it," said Franco.

Any high schooler in Wisconsin, and even Illinois, can sign up to be part of the Cinderella Project.

"I grew up in Milwaukee and my family was extremely low income, so I definitely participated in all of the things that I could to make my high school experience better and learn as much as I could from amazing mentors, and I just feel like I want to pass that on to these girls," said Franco.

You register online on, then you'll receive an email confirming attendance and additional details on the date of the main event to pick the dress.

"They'll go through a self-esteem, empowerment workshop with some leaders in our community and then after that they'll meet their fairy godmother who is someone that will kind of walk them through the day. They'll find out what they like, what they don't like, and show them all the prom dresses and help them pick one out," said Franco.

Accessories and shoes are also included, along with hair and makeup demos and even prizes. This, thanks to generosity of the community and businesses donating to this cause.

After getting cancelled the last two years because of Covid-19, they've collected a lot of donations, which will open opportunities to share this with even more deserving youth in need across the state.

"A lot of them are coming from tough situations. Some of them just need to feel beautiful. Some of them just want that feeling of building their self-worth and self-esteem," said Franco.

The deadline to apply is March 31 and the main event is April 2.

Visit Cinderella Project MKE to apply.

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