Chihuahuas in Racine Hoarding Case Get Ready for Adoption

The Wisconsin Humane Society helped Racine police respond to a hoarding case on Monday (March 14). They rescued 17 Chihuahuas and a Beagle. Eleven of them are in the Ozaukee campus and a mom, her litter and the Beagle are at the Racine campus.   

"In hoarding situations like this, dogs coming from these situations tend to be more fearful, pretty shy, and timid, and it takes them a little bit longer to come out of their shells," said Angela Speed, with the Wisconsin Humane Society. 

Speed said the homeowners realized they couldn’t take care of them anymore. 

"They willingly surrendered the animals, which was in the best interest of the dogs and the family,” Speed said. “The conditions weren't great for animals and just the sheer volume of dogs was too much for anybody."

Some of them could be ready for adoption as early as Thursday or Friday. 

Before going into adoption program, they will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and be micro-chipped.

"Already this morning, there are some dogs that are approaching us for kisses; others retreat back away from us, but they will all unfold in their own time," she said.

They are looking for monetary donation, which will be used for their medical care. They’re looking for foster parents to help dogs with medical or behavioral issues. There will be a foster March 22nd.   

Click here if you’re interested in adopting. 

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